community-powered games

we're all growing tired of the greed and corporatism of the modern gaming industry. let's make something new!

introducing humanoid

humanoid is a prototype sandbox game template. it's where we experiment with new game mechanics, building a common platform for developers to make new games. it's an early prototype, and we make progress every week.

all of the source code and art assets are 100% open source.

🗫 join benevolent on discord
💬 see updates on the discussions board
👨‍💻 collaborate together on github

we believe games can...

🌎 run on any device

let's invite everyone to play.

laptops, desktops, phones, and eventually, even vr. we develop games for the web, where no installations are required.

📖 be open source

mit licensed.

anybody can freely contribute, use our code and art, fork our games, and make their own new games. let's blur the lines between developers, modders, and the community.

😇 involve the community

games don't need secrecy or nda's.

join the developers for weekly play-testing sessions, participate in discussions about new ideas, and report bugs directly to our github issues page.

💸 be funded by donations

what goes around comes around.

we believe that if developers act with benevolence and generosity towards gamers, the community just might return the favor.